Mayo I Have Crab Cakes Please….

I don’t just like seafood, I LOVE seafood. So when I went to Costco and found some crab, I was like, this mamma has to make some crab cakes. LOL I had been hoarding this Paleo Crab Cake Recipe I found online, so I was stoked.

Again, super lazy Lena here, I didn’t want to make my own Whole 30 Mayo. I have already conquered that beast and frankly it was kinda anticlimactic. I also live in Redneckville Oregon, where they REALLY try to have healthy options, but continue to lack in so many departments. So, my good pals at it was!

I had heard amazing things about the Primal Kitchen line of products. I was surprised that that May was:

  • Primal & Paleo Approved
  • Sugar Free
  • Soy & Canola Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten & Dairy Free

The consistency was perfect, not too runny or thick. Flavor was spot on. It held up to the frying process. I definitely couldn’t tell that this wasn’t the “traditional” stuff.

I have to admit the only complaint I have was the size/cost ratio, but then again, we are currently a Dave Ramsey family, so I tend to be tight with my money!

Overall, this is an amazing food product, that you can have shipped directly to your home AND it is healthy for the family!


Author: ruxville

I am a mom, wife and realist. I reside in Southern Oregon, but I am completely a Minnesota Girl, just ask anyone who hears me speak! I am relearning how to do things that make me happy and not just keeping the family happy. I am sure this will evolve more, but frankly, I am not sure how much people will truly read this post. LOL

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